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Epic Sportfishing in Hawaii

picture of a marlin on the beach

For so many people around the world, fishing is a means of livelihood, whether for survival or for commercial purposes. For some others, it is a hobby. There are those who live by the Lake and simply go flyfishing every other day, while there are some who go on a fishing adventure at least once every week on their small fishing boats or even large vessels. Whatever the case, fishing is a truly refreshing activity. It is not only relaxing, but also rewarding.

Ever gone sportfishing? In Hawaii, sportfishing is becoming an extremely popular sport among residents and visitors. Hawaii sportfishing is mostly deep-sea fishing. Whether it is a game for you, or you just want a relaxing moment out in the open waters, this is something you must try out. Think about the feeling of accomplishment you get, the adrenaline rush, the oxytocin trigger of making a big catch and how you earn some reputation. It is even more pronounced when it is sportfishing.

Hawaii is not just known for it is amazing natural scenery, landscape and beautiful beaches and tropical climate, its deep blue majestic waters are also home to the world’s biggest blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna. The Black Marlin, Striped Matlin and the Spearfish are some other species you are likely to find all-year round. So, if you want to indulge your cravings in some big game fishing, the Hawaiian waters seem like the place to drop your lines. You never know what is waiting to bite it.

Here are a few tips to consider if you want to go sportfishing in Hawaii.

Fishing Charters and Boats

Hawaii is home to some of the biggest fishing charters and boats in the world. These are companies that organize fishing adventures and games for visitors to make their …

sportfishing Charlotte Vincent

How to Choose the Perfect Offshore Fishing Tackle

It does not matter what type of fisherman you are, you have too many lures. And you are going to keep adding to your lures, so you have the perfect one for every situation.

This is true of any enthusiast or expert.

You could be a snow skier, or a fly fisherman, or a bow hunter, or a gun enthusiast. More is always better when it and sportfishing lures are no exception.

But all jokes aside, you want to have the right lure for the right situation. If you are trolling for mahi, you might need different tackle than trolling for marlin. And if you are trolling for a specific species, let’s say marlin, then you are still going to be testing which lures works best, always looking for the perfect one.

So your collection will grow. But it is important to make sure it’s growing intelligently and that there is some type of system or thought behind your lure and tackle acquisitions.

For the longest time, scientist maintained that fish like marlin could not see colors. Yet if you would ask any experienced marlin fisherman, they would swear that certain colored lures and lure skirt and certain color combinations of the two, did in fact help to catch fish.

Anglers were convinced that these aquatic predators could detect colors and swore that some of their lures worked better than others, based on their color and the science could be damned, this stuff worked.

Well, turns out, the science was damned, and Dr. Kerstin Fritsche is a leading researcher in this field of fish physiology and vision research, which you can read more about here:

Of course, the idea that fish can detect colors is nuanced. Certain fish can detect certain colors, and it also depends on factors like …